Meow & Bark Like a Pirate Day

Captain Tuiren with her First Mate Chimera are off to find buried treasure. Chimera is carefully studying the map for clues. While the faithful Polly squawks directions in Captain Tui's ear, and Ollie the Octopus lays in wait to capture ships that stray into his territory.
Yang has joined their crew along with his sidekicks Petey the One Eyed Cat and Nolly. Nolly's knowledge of Pirate Maps will prove invaluable in their race to find the treasure before other pirates can.

Captain Scylla has her crew lined up. First Mate Fenris will keep an eye out from the crows nest for approaching storms and pirate ships.  And the Fearless Yin will keep her sword handy in case they need it. Molly is determined to beat her twin to the pirate treasure and is giving advice, but we doubt Captain Scylla will listen to her.

Who do you think will get to the treasure first Captain Tuiren or Captain Scylla?

Personally we think Artemisia the Pirate Queen is going to beat them both.

Mancat Monday

Mommy says that us cats make it hard for her to make up the bed.

I say why does she want to make it up, we like it just fine unmade.

People are weird they are always up during the day doing things when they should be napping with us. At least the Mom spends time outside with us. I have escaped and am exploring the Hummingbird Cottage.

The Hummers are very noisy, they sound like bees buzzing and they click at Mommy when they want her to put more food in the feeder.

They are very silly too, they spend more time fighting with each other than they do eating.

I told Mommy to take a picture of THEM, instead of ME watching them, but she said they were too fast for her.

They are too fast for me too. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Mommy says me and Chimera are two peas in a pod. She is the purrfect mini me, although I don't think I was ever that wild.

Yang is a very sweet brother, he gives good baths.

And best of all I am a small cat now, MOL Yin weighs the most, then Yang, then Me (so why am I the only one on a diet?) Chimera of course weighs the least. Yang, why did you take a selfie when you were bathing me. (Sigh) looks like you are getting a twofer today and one I didn't plan, but you can see his whiskers good just ignore me please, I was trying to sleep.

Do you hold down your tail when you sleep? As you can see me and Chimera both do. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art

Mommy used a Rustic Kit to create this page for Yin and Yang.

Yang got the Natural Treatment.

Yin is going Dotty.

Chimera is getting the infrared treatment.

Mommy made this page for a challenge. We sure wouldn't invite ants to our picnic.

This page she made for Charybdis, can you see Charybdis in the tree?

Some flowers got infraredded too. Mommy says infraredded isn't a word but we liked how it sounded. (Infrared)

Another page Mommy made for a challenge. Do you know she has only built ONE snowman in her life. It only snowed enough to do it once when Mommy was a youngster.  We don't get much snow here, in fact none of us with 4 legs have ever seen the stuff and the human boys were very little last time it snowed here. ~ATCAD

Fun Friday - Backyard Fun

Sometimes Chimera and I are good cats and stay in the backyard.

We are playing hide and seek, Chimera is very good at hiding.

And sometimes I get distracted by a bug and forget to seek.

You has to keep your eyes closed while you count and the other cats hide.

Sometimes Fenris plays with us.

You would think he wold be easy to find he is so LARGE.

But he is actually pretty good at hiding too.

Yang, looking for his siblings for ATCAD

Thursday in the Garden

Really this is a WEED and Mommy should remove it, but she sort of likes the purple flowers. Once it stopped blooming she ruthlessly ripped it out of the ground. It'll probably come back, it usually does but at least the plant it is trying to strangle will have a fighting chance with Mommy's help.

We have no clue what Mommy took a picture of here, but it is a rather interesting picture.

The Pomegranate now that it has finally stopped raining we should walk over and see if it is still alive. Mommy hasn't been walking outside much as some of the ground in the front is slick and it's easy to fall.

The Herb Bed, practically everything has bolted now. Mommy will have to tidy it up.

The Amaryllis right before it bloomed. It's an interesting plant.

Lantana, we just love it as it thrives with very little help.

More wildflowers, this is Mommy's Monet pictture. It's sort of blurry.

A weeded flower bed, it's sort of nice to remember what they looked like. They are all overgrown now.

The Amaryllis blooming.

Roses, this is the one that smells good.

You can't even see the rosebush now the bed has been taken over by goldenrod.

Our Red Hibiscus.

Desert Rose

We actually lost some of our succulents this year we got so much RAIN, others seem to like it though.

We hope you enjoyed our flowers, the weather has cooled off now and we actually have SUNSHINE so our Fall flowers should start blooming soon. ~ATCAD

Whacky Wednesday

Don't worry this is an old picture, Yang is purrfectly fine at least for the moment. That boy can get in more trouble.

I meow he is the hardest of my siblings to look after.

Even Fenris is easir to look after. Fenris is a very SMART dog, he is almost like a cat.

Yin, reporting for ATCAD