Mancat Monday ~How do I keep my fur so white?

I love snuggling with my sisters. Scylla is a good companion for snuggling.

Some of our friends asked how I keep my furs so white, I am constantly grooming so maybe that is the answer.

Scylla and Yinny get REALLY DIRTY, when they are outside. Scylla often looks like she has gray fur.

Yin just looks like dirt. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday (In the Jungle Gym)

Today I am enjoying the Jungle Gym.

From the top floor you can keep an eye on the dogs and the kittens.

OK, OK, they aren't really kittens anymore but they will always be kittens to me.

The Jungle Gym is a good place to sharpen your claws.

Practice your acrobatic moves.

Leave your scent, so everyone knows it is YOURS.

Mommy just feed the doggies.

Their supper sure does look yummy.

I wonder if I should get down and go eat. I need to snap a quick selfie before I do, be sure to check out the tail action. The phone now allows you to take a wide selfie, how cool is that.

Doesn't look like she is fixing to feed us cats yet.

I'll just wash my paws so I will be ready to eat when she feeds us. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD

Caturday Art with Yin

I closed my eyes on Mommy but after she added an old time picture frame and did some other stuffs we can't remember I think the picture was OK for Caturday Art.

Here infrared did some interesting things to the chair.

Mommy took a picture of a little froggy at Bellingrath Gardens. He looks really neat with infrared.

And then we colored some pictures for you.

Yin, reporting for ATCAD

Flowers for Dory

Today we are posting some of our favorite flowers for Dory.

This is a Trailing Princess. We think it is the purrfect flower for Dory.

The Mother of Millions quickly became one of our favorites after it bloomed.

Our Coleus. We like it when it blooms. They have varieties that can handle sun and that is the kind we got.

Remember how we told you people confuse us with plant names because sometimes plants have similar names or they or named after something they aren't. Well this is the similar name deal. The easiest name to remember is Butterfly Bush but it isn't a Butterfly Bush if you know what we mean. It's Latin name is Rotheca myricoides it has pretty Blue Flowers that look like Butterflies.

This is our Flowering Maple but it isn't a Maple.

And this is our Lantana. ~ATCAD

Thankful Thursday

Hi, I asked to do todays post as I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful for a nice house where I can watch bird TV in comfort.

I am thankful we have a greenhouse where the plants can stay during the winter.

And that we can play in.

I am thankful for our yard where I can hunt bugs.

I am especially thankful that even though I am a black cat I am loved and wanted.

It makes me sad that so many black cats have trouble finding homes. Black Cats Tell All is trying to change that.

I am thankful for all the people that are trying to help black cats find homes.

But most of all I am thankful for all my friends. I am very sad that another one of our friends has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

We knew her best as The Cat From Hell, but her most recent blog is Nellie on the Edge. Scylla had a great time hanging out with her at Mango Minster (which was way before my time). I wish I had gotten to know her better. This has been a very sad year in blogland as so many of our dear friends and our beloved Socks have packed their bags for the rainbow bridge. But I am thankful for their friendship and the time we had together. ~Yin, feeling thankful for ATCAD

Memories on Wednesday

Toward the end I spent a lot of time with Yin. She is a very sweet and gentle cat and she looked after me. She always dozed by me so that if I wanted her she would be close to paw. Just  by being with me she provided lots of comfort.

I have entrusted Mommy to her. She always stays close to the Mom and keeps her out of trouble. Sometimes Mommy even mistakes her for me. That's not surprising to me, even though Yin is a lot bigger than I ever was she is most like me personality wise.

Mommy doesn't understand why Yinny hissed at Yang and Chimera when they came back from the vet. She never hissed at me when I returned from the vet, although she was always waiting at the door for my return. The truth is Yinny knew my end was near and did all she could to comfort me. Yang got hissed at because HE shouldn't have been going to the vet, he should have stayed out of the rosebushes and Yin was still a bit upset about my death. Yinny didn't know Chimera just went in for her shots, so she was scolding her until Chi Chi just explained it was the annual exam deal. Chimera got a good report and Yang has healed up nicely so all the cats are well now. Fenris is still in the cone of shame, but it's not anything serious so overall my family is doing pretty well. ~Socks, reporting from The Rainbow Bridge. 

Tuiren Tuesday

BOL, Fenris is back in the cone of shame. He has a Acral Lick Granuloma, which basically means Fenris licked his leg until he irritated it. The cone is to keep him from licking. His isn't nearly as bad as the doggies in the link, it is just a small spot you can barely see. Our nice veterinarian shaved his leg so Mommy could see it and clean it better. 

The cone is to keep him from licking, Mommy bathing it and the application of Frankincense and Lavender mixed with Coconut Oil should have it healed up in no time.  In the meantime I get to laugh at him to my hearts content. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD