Happy Thanksgiving

Winsome Wednesday With the Girls

Boxes ..............the gateway to FUN!

This super size box was a great toy. Poor Yinny she is trapped under the box. Scylla collapsed it on her.

I am not sure that pouncing on the box is the correct way to utilize this toy to the max.

But Scylla seems to think it is great fun to knock the box over.

Not much you can do with it once Scylla gets it flat as a pancake and sits on it. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Tuiren Tuesday

I am tuckered out, we took a 5 mile hike through Desoto National Forrest on the Pine Lizard  and South Bethel trails. There were lots of good smells, but the scenery was rather monotonous pine trees all tend to look the same. ~Tuiren, to tired to blog for ATCAD

Mancat Monday

 Yo, me and Scylla helped Daddy with the new water tank project. First he dug out the floor and made it level.

 Scylla and I carefully examined everything to make sure it was of high quality.

 There seemed to be a lot of new things in our yard.

 I checked to make sure Daddy did a good job leveling the floor.

 Scylla said we needed to check out the tires on the garden tractor because they were going to be getting a work out.

So I went helped her. ~Yang, learning about home maintenance for ATCAD

Scylla Sunday

Many of you remember that way back in May we were without a pump for about a week. The water tank on our pump got a hole in it.. Well I had a very important job. I had to supervise Daddy while he put a new pump tank on.

I did take brief breaks to play with Yang.

And I instructed him on the finer points of home maintenance.

First Daddy broke up the floor of the pump house, it was badly unlevel  and sagging in places. The debris made a good place to hide.

Oh and see how agile I am now that I have lost weight. I may have griped about my diet but I love my new slimmer body.

I can almost keep up with my mini me.

Now where did Yang go...

Blast it he snuck under the trailer and came out the other side, how very clever of him. I was too busy to take a selfie so you are just going to have to make do with this scrapbook page of Yang

 ~Scylla, multi tasking for ATCAD

Caturday Art

 This is Tuiren's special page. Apparently Ck's Blue Period inspired the Mom and we sorta went blue. The flowers are Forget Me Not.

 Mommy made these pages for Challenges.

Fenris Friday

I am loving the cooler weather, it makes me very energetic.

I am very busy teaching sticks manners. This stick is very rude.

I am going to cart it off where it can't hurt anyone.

But first I needs to show it who is BOSS.

It is pretty good at staying put. I think perhaps it has learned it's lesson.

I am a very good teacher, I even managed to teach Tuiren a few things.

Fenris, taming sticks for ATCAD